What's New
  • Aug 4, 03: Released Tuvbar 0.7
  • July 23, 03: Released Tuvbar 0.6
  • July 9, 03: Released Tuvbar 0.5
  • TuvBar needs you:
    If you want to add functions and now sites, javascripts or xul, drop me a line and help to improve this tool.
  • Maybe someone feels like testing/porting tuvbar on mozilla?
  • Someone feels like modifying the installer to make unix-users happy?
Other Stuff
  • still bugs left :)
  • New with 0.7:
  • - Cleaned up Menu
  • - New: Manipulate Proxy-Settings
  • New with 0.6:
  • - Whisker-Interfaces
  • - HTTP-Call to IP-Number
  • - About-Screen
  • - Fixed Useragent-Reset
  • - Fixed POST to GET

TuvBar is a little Security-Menu-Addon for Firebird, which adds a menu to your browser to check site or page-security and configuration.
Unix-Users please scroll down before installing...

Nota bene: This tool is quick and dirty! Don't expect it to do more than to mess up your browser.

Search-Engines Domain






Manipulate HTML


  •     Pagedate - shows the pagedate according to the webserver

  • User-Agent

    I developed and tested with Firebird 0.6 under WinXP/2000 - I don't know if this will work on mozilla or earlier firebird-versions.
    The underlying xul, js and installation is mainly stolen from chris cascianos pnhtoolbar.

    send feedback, flames and raisins to Thomas Springer

    Unix-Users: Philip Buehler was kind enough to install it on openbsd an noted:
    installing unsigned blabla.. yes
    then something in the popup [dis]appears, i cannot read it and then it
    'hangs' at tuvbar.xpi - Required file does not exist
    (that's an openbsd system) .. hm, apparently it's a permission denied
    problem (which is intended to be caught by install.js, but is not :} )
    Ok, w/ appr. permissions it works - but i'd only see the toolbar if
    firebird is started as root (which is not really what i want :>)
    ah, found out. /usr/local/mozilla-firebird/chrome/ is
    installed read-only for root, fixing that to readable by world, it
    actually works.
    I believe this will be an issue for all *nix-users - if anybody has a fix for this prob (should be in install.js, which i stole from Chris Casciano as well), drop me a line.

    Maybe a hint from the livehttp-headers-mailinglist will help:
    If you aren't root or don't have write permission to the mozilla/components
    and to the mozilla/chrome directory, you can install a new Mozilla in you own home
    directory.  You will have full access to it and install what you want in this Mozilla.
    (This way, you can even try different version of Mozilla at the same time !)

    Beware: Most tools work remotly on sites that have nothing to do with tuvbar or yourself - all information gathered is publicly available on the web, but you might set somebody's security at risk with supplying the url of a misconfigured site to one of the sites used by tuvbar!
    I did my best to choose only "wellknown" sites - but you'll never know.

    The tuvbar project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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